Government of Alberta Announcements January 2020

  • The government has announced that the Legislature will resume with a new Speech from the Throne on February 25. The second session of the 30th Legislature currently has a spring session slated from February to June and fall session from October to December. Government House Leader Jason Nixon is touting that there will be another spring of renewal as the government focuses on jobs, the economy and pipelines.
  • There was sad news Thursday with the announcement of the untimely death of Fair Deal Panel member Jason Goodstriker. As a result the Panel’s meeting in Airdrie was cancelled. Public consultations will continue until January 30, with the Panel completing its report to government by March 31.
  • Premier Kenney reiterated the need for Ottawa to address Alberta’s urgent prioritiesin his third sit down meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland in Calgary last week.
  • Finally, a survey seeking input on Alberta’s tourism strategy has been launched in conjunction with Travel Alberta for interested stakeholders with a goal to grow tourism spending to $20 billion by 2030. The deadline to complete the survey is January 17.