Canada's early history was tied to water, road, and rail transportation. It's also key to our future. Canada's dependence on international trade and resource extraction make the efficient and effective transportation of goods a top priority for the private and public sectors. Nothing gets done without it.

As essential as it is, transportation invites regulatory and jurisdictional gridlock. Its shadow falls across many issues, including: The environment, First Nations, property rights, government budgets, international corridors, health and safety, labour, and Canada's economic union. New West principals have been down this road before. We helped develop and shape the Rail Service Review process and outcome, worked with railways on service level benchmarks and arrangements, dealt with rail-highway access and safety issues at the municipal level, worked with provincial governments to implement a user pay program for secondary roads with weight restrictions, helped a provincial government implement an electronic permitting process, and raised with government numerous transportation infrastructure access and upgrade considerations.

Whether hoping to promote the development of new or improved transportation hubs or corridors, seeking a site-specific transportation solution for a new or existing investment, or attempting to resolve a longstanding regulatory headache, New West brings experience to the table. We can help you get to where you need to go.