Skills Development and Labour Shortages

Experts agree that Canada is already in a skill and labour crunch, and it's only going to get worse. Fewer workers are supporting more retirees as baby-boomers begin collecting their pension cheques. That may be good news for boomers, but companies and organizations are getting sideswiped. Governments are trying to react, but too often their approaches add to the bureaucracy, misdiagnose problems, and generalize with solutions.

As a former federal Minister of Immigration – and later Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development – the Hon. Monte Solberg, P.C., spent almost three years addressing skill and labour shortages. He worked with hundreds of companies and organizations to improve training programs, train marginalized workers, better fund low and middle income college and university students, speed up the issuing of Labour Market opinions, cut red-tape for International Students and Temporary Foreign Workers, and streamlined the Provincial Nominee Program. Yes, we know this sector.

That's all well and good, but everyone agrees more must be done. Monte and the team at New West Public Affairs can help companies and organizations analyze programming, decipher government initiatives, and build the right relationships and message to address the issue.