Our Services

Your business and organization might be going gangbusters right now. You're a well-oiled, Six Sigma guru, media darling, with staff who love you, minimal competition, and you've never had a tiff with stakeholders, nor an issue related to government - here or abroad.

However, things can change - quickly. In every organization, in every sector, and in every jurisdiction, there are curveballs, fumbles, and turnovers.

  • What if your reputation takes a hit?
  • What if obstructions pop up that hurt your organization?
  • What if your major capital project or investment doesn't get regulatory approval?
  • What if your goods get held at the border?
  • What if third party groups are unjustifiably preventing you from going to market?

This is why we founded New West Public Affairs. Our principals will work with you to help you now, and help you mitigate any future challenges. We will support you with strategic advice and planning, and we will work with you to implement the plan and generate results.

Regardless of your sector, your issue and the complexities around it, your organizational capacity, or your location, we can help. Please take a quick look at the brief overview of our service offerings, and contact us at your convenience – the principals at New West Public Affairs look forward to working with you and helping with all of your public affairs needs.