Retail and Consumer Products

Retail and consumer products are where the corporate rubber meets the consumer road, and where there are consumers, regulators and elected officials aren't far behind. Whether it's financial services regulation, consumer health and safety, tariffs and trade restrictions, or delays at the border, retail and consumer products companies have their “issues” with the government. But too often the retail and consumer products sector just doesn't get the respect it deserves.

That's frustrating given that our domestic economy continues to be a major producer of Canadian jobs and prosperity, with retail and consumer products playing a leading role. Unfortunately, it's a story that should be better known; New West Public Affairs can help make that happen.

The New West Public Affairs team has seen retail and consumer products issues from both sides of the table. With decades of experience in government and outside we've worked on dozens of retail and consumer issues. We can help you create a story around your industry and your issues that will shape the environment and influence decision-makers.