Natural Resources

As a major generator of economic activity and jobs, the natural resources sector attracts significant public attention to its operations, investments, and general well-being. Energy, mining, and forestry companies are vital to the Canadian economy. Every province and territory benefits.

But resource development is also a magnet for critics of resource companies in areas such as the environment, community affairs, and corporate social responsibility. Bad media dogs the sector. Opponents are vocal and persistent.

On the one hand, government directly benefits through tax and royalty revenue, and on the other, heavily regulates every aspect of industry operations. Resource companies are in the middle of this push-pull exercise. On top of the criticism, they must still clear regulatory hurdles for major capital projects, drive resource development policy, and secure approvals for investments related to moving extracted goods to market. They may also need to pursue further investment through joint venture, M&A, or strategic investment opportunities.

New West principals have been directly involved in government decision-making on resource matters, and are well-positioned to help clients manage initiatives or overcome hurdles.