Media and Public Relations

Your organization needs to be seen in the proper light by the media and the public. If it isn't, you might not like the consequences. Or, if you have a good story to tell, but it's not being told well, no one will hear it.

The team at New West has worked in media for years, from providing weekly TV commentary, to writing regular popular columns in national papers, managing local radio stations, and developing and running online and social media efforts. We've led and managed significant public relations, consumer awareness, and issue campaigns, from small winning local efforts to successful national and international branding exercises.

Whether a local or regional PR strategy, a national media effort, an online and social media campaign, or media monitoring, New West will help you build and strengthen your reputation. From paid media strategies, to drafting media content, event planning, developing messaging, to coaching your spokespeople – New West Public Affairs has you covered.