International Trade

Canada is a nation of traders. With plentiful natural resources, a mature services economy, and a shared border with the U.S., Canada figures prominently on the international trade stage. Companies and organizations take a strong interest in trade rules and issues involving Canadian imports and exports.

This trade framework is regulated by a web of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements, covering trade topics such as: Rules of origin, technical barriers to trade, sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures, investment rules, and tariff and quota regimes, among others. Many organizations struggle to follow the numerous updates and changes to these rules. Often companies can't gain traction for rule changes. Sometimes businesses might have difficulty interpreting agreements or understanding their impact on operations or the strategic plan.

These rules often hit companies in an immediate and financially painful manner. Food safety regulations can cause border delays of imports or exports. Labeling problems can add enormous costs to your bottom line and even prevent products from entering a country. Rules or subsidies favoring domestic producers of a product can mean your company never gains legitimate access to a market. Government intervention may result in countervailing duties against your products.

If your company is experiencing trade irritants, barriers, or discriminatory rules, either abroad or here in Canada, call New West to discuss how we can help you.