Naturally, Canadians want the best possible healthcare for themselves and their families, while paying as little as possible to get it. The job of pharmaceutical companies, professional associations, hospitals, researchers, service providers, and patient groups is to explain how they are working to achieve that goal, which isn't always easy.

Solid, ongoing communications is the key. With provincial healthcare spending now consuming almost half of provincial budgets it's understandable that health and finance ministers have become focused on the bottom-line. Our job is to keep reminding them that healthcare is about people. That's where crafting a good story and enlisting the right allies becomes important.

It just so happens that we know a thing or two about this. We've worked with stakeholders in and outside of government on dozens of healthcare files.

From the industry side, we were on the front lines on trans-fats, we've worked on procurement, and we've been through the battles on numerous food safety files.

On the government side, we've handled every difficult issue imaginable. We've worked with all the stakeholders. We've spent hundreds of hours hearing from the public. We've sat at the cabinet table and heard the perspectives of ministers. We know from experience that timely access to an affordable and competent national healthcare system is a top priority for Canadians, which is why handling the issues takes a steady hand and a delicate touch.

That experience is why we can help you and your organization with policy development, legislative and regulatory matters, stakeholder and community relations, crisis communications, and media and public relations. We've been there.

Give us a call if we can help bring that steady hand and delicate touch to your healthcare issue.