Debates around energy in Canada dominate our national discussion, and that's unlikely to change anytime soon. Energy production is vital to western provincial economies and to Canada. But North Americans are also protective of the environment and they demand our energy resources be developed responsibly.

The potential is great. In a turbulent world, Canada remains a stable, secure, and friendly source of oil and gas, and the world wants what we produce. And yet billions of dollars of development are at risk as elected officials, regulators, and the public question whether more development is in their interest. It has never been more important to listen to and sincerely engage stakeholders and decision-makers.

The same is true for nuclear, hydro, wind, solar and alternative fuels. Without consistent and clear communications, Canada's hopes of being an energy superpower may never be realized. New West principals have in-depth public and private sector experience in the energy industry. We have provided strategic and communications advice to government and industry regarding: Oil & gas, pipelines, renewable energy, hydro, nuclear, and electricity transmission.

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