Agriculture & Food Production

Agricultural organizations and food companies operate in a complex public affairs environment. Farm producers are a dynamic, diverse, and politically potent constituency. End consumers – which includes Canadians and export markets – depend on and demand top quality and price competitive products. Life sciences, chemical and fertilizer companies, middle processors, and retailers operate in that sensitive environment. Public and media scrutiny is intense.

The New West team has decades of experience managing public affairs in the world of agriculture. We've helped clients analyze, interpret, and successfully communicate on issues such as: Transportation, food safety and human health, consumer information, science-based regulatory matters, producer-related measures, sanitary and phyto-sanitary certification, feed safety, international trade market access, foreign investment, M&A transactions, and environmental measures, among others.

The principals at New West have been instrumental to numerous public affairs campaigns on agribusiness issues, including: Deregulation of the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly, establishing a renewable fuels policy and incentive program, enhancing the effectiveness of transportation services through the Rail Service Review, cementing the healthy profile of canola oil through qualified health claims in the U.S., challenging protectionist regulatory environments, and leading M&A transaction public affairs on the two largest agribusiness deals of the past five years in Canada.

New West Public Affairs is the pre-eminent agribusiness public affairs firm in Canada, and can help your organization grow and manage its way through the sensitive and complex public environment this sector.